Returned to home Saturday after spending the whole night in the airport, I unpacked my suitcase and I immediately prepared an other one, this time much more summery! Finally a bit of sea also for me too :) I still have to get used to the difference to the temperature and to this hot and if I think that only three days ago I was wearing leather jackets and … (read more)


Some months ago I was contacted by a megazine to publish some photos that I had to make exclusively for their website and that I never had to share on my blog. Unfortunately that these photos were never published in any pages and that no one from the redaction has contacted more me ... When you say the professionalism of the people! So after months (as you … (read more)


... Incessant rain and we arrive in a deserted Utrecht, without umbrellas and without a map ... ... To search in vain for one hour our hotel totally soaked ... ... The hotel was right before our eyes! Starts in this way my Dutch tour starting from Utrecht. A very nice city, very quiet and characteristic. I would like to list some of the peculiarities I … (read more)


  From three weeks I and Riccardo had decided that yesterday we will be gone to Forte Dei Marmi for a healthy lunch of fish, a walk among the shops and of course the famous Sunday market ... But none of this was possible! : ( The rain forced ​​us to stay at home and our sunday was dedicated to voting for municipal elections and slightly more ... We hope that … (read more)