MY WEDDING DAY – #TheFantabulousDay

MY WEDDING DAY - #TheFantabulousDay

E’ passato quasi un mese da quel giorno tanto atteso. Il 1 luglio io e Riccardo ci siamo sposati e ancora non mi sembra vero. E’ stato tutto esattamente come avevamo sempre sognato, a tratti anche meglio. Di quel giorno, che conserverò per sempre nel mio cuore, ricordo ogni singolo istante, ogni singolo momento, ogni singola emozione. Mi sono svegliata al mattino … (read more)


Three years ago we began our adventure. Today I want to remember them as well, with my first photo published on the blog.An adventure truly unique and extraordinary, that every day we live thanks to you who support us with big  passion. A blog born a bit for fun and for challenge, become my job (became our work, because Riccardo helps me every day and for this I … (read more)

MARCH 28, 2013

Hello guys, I'm Riccardo as an exception I am writing this post at the dictation of Elisa. "As you probably saw on my social pages, yesterday I underwent surgery to remove my severe myopia, fortunately the surgery went very well, much better than expected! :D I wear (wore) glasses since I was 6 years so for me this has been a real miracle, it was like … (read more)