Returned to home Saturday after spending the whole night in the airport, I unpacked my suitcase and I immediately prepared an other one, this time much more summery! Finally a bit of sea also for me too :) I still have to get used to the difference to the temperature and to this hot and if I think that only three days ago I was wearing leather jackets and … (read more)


  I love wearing long dresses, especially in summer, but each time I' m always hesitant to wear them, because I feel a little observed. But in these days of terrible hot I have not listened to my concern about it and I wore this maxi red dress taken on Forever21, by the very soft lines. With my clucth bought in Holland, a comfortable pair of espadrillas … (read more)


  It 's been almost a year after the last time I was here and I must say that this part of Punta Ala, it seems each time more beautiful and more suggestive. Do you remember the post of last year when I was here? Think about how many things have changed and how (let me say please) have improved me as a blogger and Riccardo as a photographer! And if … (read more)