An happy hour to the sunset in the suggestive Punta Ala's port, that it seems to me every time more beautiful, in the company of Riccardo and my friends. A simple yellow dress,the gold sandals, the (by now) inevitable turquoise bracelets (appreciated gift of Jalousie Bijoux, as well as the ring) and a coral lipstick create this simple outfit. With the sun and the … (read more)


A necklace chain, a few strips of leather of varying lengths, a drop glue ... and here's how I made this necklace! Necklace designed as a "reserve" for Luisa Via Roma party if the one I ordered from Asos had not arrived in time. You can't even imagine how proud I am, pity that I have not noticed wearing it on the contrary: idiot! :s Finally … (read more)


Finally, beach, sun and sea! As I have already said, I'm at seaside where I will spend all week waiting for the desired travel in Holland :) Here is one of my first outfit, consisting of a old-rose color dress, wooden handmade belt and my inevitable sandals. I wish you all a good day! Elisa     Finalmente spiaggia, sole e mare! Come vi ho … (read more)


Photo taken a few days ago in a very hot afternoon. The very simple outfit, of those who like me, was enriched by my new bijoux of Vivi Bijoux ... as you know the skulls have a certain effect on me, so as soon as I saw these earrings and bracelets, my choice was obvious! :) P.S. Looking back on these photos I noticed to look like a cop in uniform! :s Do you not … (read more)