The next season is "in hand" to the Indians, so I decided to wear some Indians items: the orange feathers, t-shirts with Indian references (both purchased in Netherlands) and the multi fringes necklace  handmade by me … … AUGH! ;)     La prossima stagione è “in mano” agli Indiani, per questo ho deciso di indossare alcuni … (read more)


A necklace chain, a few strips of leather of varying lengths, a drop glue ... and here's how I made this necklace! Necklace designed as a "reserve" for Luisa Via Roma party if the one I ordered from Asos had not arrived in time. You can't even imagine how proud I am, pity that I have not noticed wearing it on the contrary: idiot! :s Finally … (read more)


My holidays are officially begin Friday and what better way than to spend a beautiful day in pool with my bests friends!?! From today, however, will begin my summer marathon, which is divided into 3 steps: for about 10 days I will be at sea to see my grandparents, then I will return home just a couple of days to make the change bag and leave with Richard for our … (read more)


  I love when a boring can transform into the best way! That 's what happened to me yesterday when, tired of the study and desiring of holidays more than ever, I decided to go take a look at Prada and Miu Miu outlet … near my home! ;) Riccardo with great pleasure, taking advantage of my upcoming birthday, he got me an incredible pair of Miu Miu super … (read more)