Some months ago I was contacted by a megazine to publish some photos that I had to make exclusively for their website and that I never had to share on my blog. Unfortunately that these photos were never published in any pages and that no one from the redaction has contacted more me ... When you say the professionalism of the people! So after months (as you … (read more)


  It 's been almost a year after the last time I was here and I must say that this part of Punta Ala, it seems each time more beautiful and more suggestive. Do you remember the post of last year when I was here? Think about how many things have changed and how (let me say please) have improved me as a blogger and Riccardo as a photographer! And if … (read more)


  Despite being a model already seen, I've always liked these shoes, so as soon as I found at the sales I did not resist the temptation to buy them! This is the outfit I created for my Friday night composed by capri jeans with nude silk shirt, which I had purchased for the Luisa Via Roma event, all finished with all total black accessories! ... Now I run … (read more)


Shoes ... Shoes ... Shoes ... Also this time the shoes shoes caught my attention! So at sale, I could not renounce to 3 new pairs of shoes, and the great thing is do not end here! ... I already bought a pair of Church's for winter, obviously not at sale! :) I ♥ SALES Scarpe ... Scarpe ... Scarpe ... Anche questa volta le scarpe hanno catturato la … (read more)