A early winter afternoon and a warm light that blinds you.What I wore? White faux fur, a texas style burgundy hat, leather pants and rock ankle boots .Metti un primo pomeriggio d' inverno e una calda luce che ti acceca. Cosa ho indossato? Una pelliccia bianca, un cappello burgundy in stile texano, pantaloni effetto pelle e tronchetti rock.     ZARA … (read more)


Hello girls! How did you spend the weekend? I spent it studying for the last exam of December and going to eat sushi with some of my dear friends... I must say I had eat it too much! : P Talking about of my outfit of today, here is what I wore Saturday morning: warm wool dress, white faux fur coat and shearling boots by Miu Miu. See you tomorrow with … (read more)


  Now you have understood that I am totally in love with the slippers. I like them, I always like them... for the day with leggings or jeans, for the night with minidress or skirt. These slippers  in particular are by Fabio Rusconi and I decided to match them to a camouflage shirt, faux fur vest and leggings. Let me know as always your opinions, a … (read more)


After so long I finally had the opportunity to wear this pair of Max mara polka dots tights, who I had bought a few months ago. I decided to match them with a Zara gray blouse, faux leather skirt and white fur. Too bad that the tights have been short lived: as soon as worn, were caught in the Dodo's bracelet : (Dopo tanto tempo ho finalmente avuto l' … (read more)