Here I am with a new look. As you know by now I love the fake tees and even today you have a prove once again. You can buy them just about anywhere, whether in stores, but also online such as on Asos, Sheinside, Happiness, My Brand Amsterdam and many other sites. I am by now an online shopping addicted especially because shopping done from home is convenient and also … (read more)


Hello girls, I am finally back with a new post! How did you spend the Easter holidays? I've spent in the relaxing, but especially to my convalescence after surgery. As many of you have written me private messages, emails and comments about my eye operation, I decided to dedicate this post to a brief summary of my experience. From the age of 6 years I have brought … (read more)


  Hello girls! How was your weekend? My own good, I celebrated six years of engagement with my Riccardo with a dinner of sushi (yes, I know, is not new :D). I also wandered a bit to find a little something for sales, but for now, still nothing. I believe at the end I will purchase something on sale from Zara! In this outfit you can see the look I have … (read more)


  Now you have understood that I am totally in love with the slippers. I like them, I always like them... for the day with leggings or jeans, for the night with minidress or skirt. These slippers  in particular are by Fabio Rusconi and I decided to match them to a camouflage shirt, faux fur vest and leggings. Let me know as always your opinions, a … (read more)