Perhaps the longest post I ever published ... A summary of these our 5 days spent in Amsterdam. A visit to the famous museums of the city, a stroll through the shopping streets, the touching story that we have lived inside of the Anne Frank house, the Beguines district and the fun red light district, a stroll in the park and in the typical markets of the city, … (read more)


  Second stop of our Dutch tour, this time we are in Amsterdam, the city where everything seems possible and that is much more dynamic and multi-ethnic compared with the previous Utrecht. Here is just a small taste ...   Seconda tappa del nostro tour olandese, questa volta siamo ad Amsterdam, la città dove tutto sembra permesso e che rispetto alla … (read more)


... Incessant rain and we arrive in a deserted Utrecht, without umbrellas and without a map ... ... To search in vain for one hour our hotel totally soaked ... ... The hotel was right before our eyes! Starts in this way my Dutch tour starting from Utrecht. A very nice city, very quiet and characteristic. I would like to list some of the peculiarities I … (read more)


  Here are the first moments of my Dutch tour! Departing from Pisa with a cloudy sky we reached Eindhoven and later in Utrecht greeted by pouring rain and a fairly hard cold for our habits :s The good news is that our hotel is very welcoming and is located in the center of the city. See you soon! :)     Ecco i primi momenti del mio tour … (read more)