My fourth day of fashion week is started with the very exciting Emporio Armani fashion show. How did I had the invitation? I was in front of the entrance of the show with all the other girls, when a girl named Elena is came up to me telling me "The girl who was to come with me to the show can not come, so I have an invitation in more ... Would you … (read more)


My first day of fashion week began with the Simonetta Ravizza fashion show, where leather, suede and fabric play their essential part. Jackets and boleros from the colors of fuchsia, turquoise and orange dominate the top, whereas the lower part is dedicated to mini-skirts, minidresses and macros. The fur, the real Ravizza must, is ironic and colorful ... … (read more)


T-shirt with sleeves rolled up, trousers with big pockets, glittery wedges, straw hat with flower and my unfailing sunglasses ... My outfit worn yesterday afternoon for a ride downtown with my sister. I still have a great desire to sea, but for me the summer has come to an end and now begin the usual days. That nostalgia for the holidays!!!   T-shirt … (read more)


  A Pucci dress, which is always summer, a dinner with friends, a breathtaking sunset and lots of fun ... ... Here's how I spent my August 15! Un vestito di Pucci, che fa sempre estate, una cena con gli amici, un tramonto mozzafiato e tanto divertimento ... ... Ecco come ho trascorso il mio Ferragosto!   EMILIO PUCCI DRESS DIOR SUNGLASSES … (read more)