Hello guys!Today's post goes back a few days ago, when the temperatures were much higher (in my country is really cold!) in which I wore an outfit made from of a white shirt basic mixed with a burgundy pull bought at H&M in the man department (price €9.90), fantasy trouser by Conbipel, which I love, and black coat with big buttons.To complete the look, Miu Miu … (read more)


  Goodmorning girls!!! In today's post I'm wearing the new Pinko t-shirt being part of the Pinko - The Muppets mini collection with Miss Piggy printed. It 's a funny, little line, available in four different prints that are all completely covered of applications that make it truly unique. I want also to thank Art des Bijoux for sending me the … (read more)


In today's outfit you see me wearing another item belonging to Rinascimento SS 2012 collection: the foulard print blouse ... that I love! I created this outfit starting right from the blouse, that being quite an impact, I decided to match it with items with much more soft and warm colors like white and beige. I hope you enjoy the result as much as I loved … (read more)


During my week-end spent at sea, I allowed myself a drink with Riccardo and some of our friends. For the occasion I wore a vintage shirt graciously given to me from my mother in law which I found very current and I decided to wear it with a simple pair of jeans and Zara wedge from last summer. And obviously I could not wear H&M necklace that I think … (read more)