I spent Christmas with all my family, my boyfriend and my closest friends. I have been off duty from the computer and the blog for two days, and I'm totally dedicated to preparing Christmas meals and dinners for my whole family, which every year grows ever more. One of the looks I wore in these Christmas days is what you see in these photos. The glitter shoes are … (read more)


  Since the postman rang at my door and he handed me the Abataba package, I didn't see the time to wear this gorgeous glitter collar. Finally, few days ago, I was presented the right opportunity, so I could match it with my glitter pumps bought in Netherlands and already worn during Milan Fashion Week.   Da quando il postino ha suonato alla mia porta … (read more)


My first day of fashion week began with the Simonetta Ravizza fashion show, where leather, suede and fabric play their essential part. Jackets and boleros from the colors of fuchsia, turquoise and orange dominate the top, whereas the lower part is dedicated to mini-skirts, minidresses and macros. The fur, the real Ravizza must, is ironic and colorful ... … (read more)