Dork, dork and dork again! In London every shop sold this t-shirt, so after seeing it in all ways and in all colors, I decided to take one, opting for the cheapest one (mine is by Primark and I  paid only £6! :D) Of course, the writing leaves little to imagination, but I like it anyway and to tell the truth I find it really funny :) I have worn it on Saturday … (read more)


Red jacket, printed tee of Happiness, new Rifle jeans with a slight glitter effect, animal slippers (already worn in my first Pinko total look) and a new pair of sunglasses by Wild Soul Sunglasses. Here is the outfit I worn last Wednesday just back from London. If you are interested to buy a pair of Wild Soul sunglasses, I inform you that from today you can use … (read more)


Hello girls, here I am with a new post in which I show you my second look worn in London for a long long morning walk in Hyde Park, before immersing myself in the shopping spree on Oxford Street area. ...While you're reading me I'm broken down again, this time for three days at sea with Riccardo (hope the weather is kind!)… can’ t wait!! P.S. Do not miss … (read more)


Goodmorning girls! How are you? I Hope is all okay :) Today I want to show you an outfit shot a few days ago during a gloomy and rainy day of April. I wanted to challenge the weather and wearing a black short dress paired with my new Hunter boots, a cute gift of Attila&Co. agency, which I mixed with the Rifle parka, that you have already seen in this … (read more)