Hello guys! Finally this weekend I got the possibility to wear my Miu Miu shoes and I decided to match them with this simple dark blue shirt of the same color and of the same material of the shoes and with a flared skirt ... A rather sober look since the particularity of the shoes What do you think? How would you combined these? Advise! :D … (read more)


  What is the worst thing for a blogger? Well, of course the rain, that makes everything more complicated! I assure you that best shots of these were really impossible to do considering the amount of rain that it fell in this days … however I hope you like them! :) I take the opportunity to thank everyone for the birthday wishes that you sent me ... … (read more)


Hello everyone!I sart telling you that I'm still moved by the Royal Wedding... you know that I'm a great fan of William&Kate, so yesterday I couldn't miss the world live of their amazing wedding.Whit some of you I have also commented the look of guests and of the couple live on my facebook page!Those of you who saw the marriage? What do you think? Did … (read more)