AF – 1

  The countdown to the end of the holidays has started and the sadness comes over me already. I want to stay here to infinity. It is possible?!? To mark the end of summer, as every year here in Punta Ala is celebrated the costume party on the beach, only that unlike all other years this summer will be the last one. After 13 years, the famous "Festa de La … (read more)


  Do you know those days when you want to go out but you are unsure of what to wear? A few days ago I just felt like this and I did not know what to wear and also how to match. After trying several changes, in the end, I chose to wear the look you see in these photos, following more than ever my personal style and creating one of the outfit that best represents … (read more)


Hello everyone!I sart telling you that I'm still moved by the Royal Wedding... you know that I'm a great fan of William&Kate, so yesterday I couldn't miss the world live of their amazing wedding.Whit some of you I have also commented the look of guests and of the couple live on my facebook page!Those of you who saw the marriage? What do you think? Did … (read more)