Sunday night I went to cinema with my friends to see INCEPTIONS with Leonardo Di Caprio directed by Cristopher Nolan. The film was really beautiful, so I suggest you to go to see it! For this evening I decided to wear really simple: shirt, jeans and All Star. After the film I, Riccardo, Anna Chiara and her boyfriend went to a pub near the cinema to drink and … (read more)


Yesterday  afternoon I went with Riccardo to Florence because we were invited for dinner by one of our dearest friend, Camilla, who lives right in the center. Before going to dinner we  went for a walk in the main street, take a quick look at the shops and take some photos. Unfortunately I could not do many shots because I forgot to charge the battery of my … (read more)


Second post about Milan Fashion Week. Today we’ ll see the best of 25, 26 and 27 September always in my taste. Let's start now! Secondo post riguardante la Milano Fashion Week. Oggi vedremo il 25, 26 e 27 Settembre sempre considerando i miei gusti. Cominciamo subito! 25 SETTEMBRE Bottega Veneta Emporio Armani Max Mara Blumarine Jil … (read more)


La settimana della moda è ormai conclusa ed io ho come vi avevo detto ho deciso di preparare un “The Best Of” suddividendo le 6 giornate in 2 post, oggi vedremo le sfilate del 22, 23 e 24 Settembre. Ho scelto gli stilisti che più mi hanno colpito e che più mi appartengono in quanto a look. Fashion Week is over and as I promised you I prepared a "best of" shared in two … (read more)