Hi my dear reades,this look is very aggressive but at the same time I think that is it really sexy.I often wear shorts with ankle boots, but only for go to disco because if I go out in this way, people might think that I’ m a harlot…. even if I’m! Ahahahahah :)We had done this frames in front of a gate of a abandoned factory to make them more stronger.Ciao miei … (read more)


A collection about the best of fall/winter 2010 BOOTS that I’ve choose from the best online shop sites. I wrote under every images the brand, the name of article (when I know) and the price in euro. Sometimes I wrote in pink my my opinions too!Wich are your prefer? I would like to have all this! ;-)P.S. Next saturday a collection of  TOTE BAGSUna raccolta di … (read more)


Yesterday I felt myself very hippie!I think that the hippie style is perfect for the autumn because its warm colours remember this season on the year.The fashion week  is just started and I decided to do a final post with a collection about the best of  Spring/Summer 2011.Today I' ll go to cut my hair, I hadn' t still time to cut them because I had to study … (read more)


This post it was an tribute of Riccardo. In fact he gave me 3 objects that you can see in this outfit: the earrings, the belt and the wedges with glitter. The skull errings with crown and swarovski were bought togheter in Riccione this summer when we were in holiday with my parents. Obviously when I saw them I gone crazy and I couldn't resist and so R. bought them for … (read more)