Hello guys! Today I uploaded this outfit that I took  few days ago with Richard before the arrival of cold weather. In my opinion it looks is simple, sexy and aggressive, I think it is a perfect combination for a night at the club or  for a drink with friends. Obviously you need to wear something over, I'd recommend a black leather jacket in the case of' … (read more)


A collection about the best of fall/winter 2010 CLUTCH BAGS  that I’ve choose from the best online shop sites. I wrote under every images the brand, the name of article (when I know) and the price in euro. Sometimes I wrote in pink my my opinions too!Wich are your prefer? I would like to have all this! ;-)P.S. Next saturday a collection of  PUMPS SHOESUna … (read more)


Recently opened a new shopping center near where we live so yesterday we went to see what was interesting in this.... nothing but the steep hill that led to the car park on the roof!I have not been able to resist in pleasure running up and down the ramp, it was fun! As you may have already noticed in the post of nailpolish, Wednesday I cleared a little my hair, … (read more)


Who doesn’t go crazy about nailpolish? I really like them, if I haven’t the right nailpolish I can’t find the perfect clothes! In this post I decided to show all my nailpolish, but for the winter I've seen two or three colors that I absolutely must buy! My favorites are of course those of Chanel, I think that its colors are really unique, I suggest you look at … (read more)