Good Sunday girls! Today I want to introduce you Vlieger & Vandam! Vlieger & Vandam was founded in 2004 by Dutch design couple Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam. Their respective disciplines, graphic design and 3D design, meet in perfect symbiosis applied to their highly original fashion accessories. Vlieger & Vandam developed a process for … (read more)


Fresh news of a press release by the Inditex group! "Mini Limited Edition collection of 50 shoes and 50 bags exclusive to each line of Zara (Woman, Basic and TRF), which will be sold ONLY FOUR SHOPS IN THE WORLD" - New York: 666 5th Avenue - London: Bond Street - Paris: Rue St Honoré - Milano: C.so Vittorio Emanuele, 11   … (read more)


The  impeccable style of the beautiful Olivia Palermo, that dictates fashion and trends. Her soap and water beauty makes elegant all her look, so I wanted to propose this simple outfit formed of basic items that we all have in the closet: white shirt black vest blach jacket black trousers black pumps … (read more)


I told ya I told ya I told ya Baby Baby Uh, uh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told yaGot up in the club Posted in the back Feeling so good Looking so badRocking this skirt Rocking this club Got my middle finger up I don’t really give a f***Rocking these diamonds I’m rocking this chain … (read more)