I bought these trousers from Zara a few months ago and I have worn them only once to the sea for a dinner out. I think they are really very particular and above all I love very much the shape and the pattern so elegant and so chic. Here I've matched them with a pair of high heels, but I'm really curious to mix them with canvas sneakers. In the coming days I … (read more)


Another gorgeous dress from Cashmere Lounge of a midnight blue color I matched with a super pumps, light blue earrings and some bracelets bought a year ago to the seaside. A versatile dress, usable for thousand different ways and for many occasions. Here I have chosen to wear a classic and chic look, especially playing with the shades of the blue and the light blue. … (read more)


Goodmorning girls! Finally are some days that rain is giving us a respite and I had the opportunity to wearing summer and some lighter clothes as you can see in this post. I opted for the My Brand tee, that you have already saw last September, mixed with C&A studded jeans, animalier coat, Tribtoo pumps by Yves Saint Laurent and my 100% Amore Dodo ring :) … (read more)


Start Milan fashion week! Tomorrow I'll be there even in the city of fashion and as always I am very excited! These days the choice of the outfits was my obsession: high heels or flats? Simple or cool outfits? Well let's say I tried to find a middle way :) In the meantime, however, I show you one of the look that I posted on my Stylosophy' s … (read more)