Good morning girls! In these days of intense study, the key words for my outfits are only two: comfort and simplicity. Before to leave for my summer holidays, I have to make the last effort, studying from the morning to the evening for my next exam. Then finally I will be on vacation! So today I propose a look worn for an afternoon break from my mad study: a … (read more)


  I have always been a great lover of the rings. In any form and in any color. I love to wear them. They make the look a little more glamorous and more sexy. These rings you see in these photos are from H&M, to be precise they are two packs, and they are inspired by the most famous "Tube" Brass Ring by Balenciaga. Da sempre sono … (read more)


  Crop top: you either love it or hate it. I love it. This one I am wearing today, is one of many that I bought during my last trip in London. What about it: hot or not?   Crop top: o lo ami o lo odi. Io personalmente lo adoro. Questo che indosso nel post di oggi è uno dei tanti che ho preso durante il mio ultimo viaggio a Londra. E voi … (read more)


  Saturday afternoon, after a whole day spent on books (uff, I swear that I can no more!) I went out for a ride with my boyfriend and my friends, enjoying a good dinner of sushi - who follow me on Instagram will have seen the photos. I wore a dress in python print, which I had already worn a year ago, matched with the H&M perfecto and with Zara boots. A … (read more)