Secondo post scattato a Cortina. Se c’è una cosa che adoro fare in montagna sono le lunghe passeggiate con qualche sosta ogni tanto per ricaricarsi, magari, sorseggiando una bella tazza di cioccolata di calda. In questo caso, il mio look non può che essere comodo e caldissimo allo stesso tempo, e per questo ho scelto il Woolrich Arctic Parka colore Dark Green, il … (read more)


  Made famous by supermodel Kate Moss and by many others fashion icons, are probably considered the model of shoes more comfortable and warmest in absolute... I'm talking about the famous Ugg boots! Thanks to the fur of sheep the foot is completely sheltered from the cold and the comfort will be absolute. I am completatemente employee and I'm a huge fan of … (read more)


My look of a few days ago, in wich I decided to renew some of the gifts received for Christmas: the skull necklace given to me by my friend Anna Chiara, the new Cruciani bracelt and Ugg boots, that were a very appreciated gift for Riccardo 's parents :D I wish you a happy New Year and the new year bring you everything you desire, but do tonight ... celebrate and … (read more)