Pink. A color that sometimes I hate but that other times, instead, I simple love it... Needless to say that in this time I adore it and needless to say that these new Nike sneakers have become my favorite of recent times. The background to all this, are some photos of flowering trees, obviously in pink color, taken on a beautiful spring day in Milan. Rosa. Un … (read more)


  Here are last arrived in my shoe rack! I brought this new pair of Schtuz sandals to Milan with me, but unfortunately I never had the opportunity to wear them. As I said in latest posts I decided to just wear flat shoes, so in those days, I had to give up to these beautiful creatures. Well, never mind, I will wear them very soon!!! ;)   Ed … (read more)


My next must-have sneakers will not be Nike, will not be Converse, will not be Adidas... but will be Vans! I've never owned a pair, but now I believe that now is their moment! They seem very comfortable and if you want to trust the predictions of aunt Elisa (which fortunately so far they proved almost all true) : Vans are the new black!!! They will be the next must! … (read more)