My next must-have sneakers will not be Nike, will not be Converse, will not be Adidas... but will be Vans! I've never owned a pair, but now I believe that now is their moment! They seem very comfortable and if you want to trust the predictions of aunt Elisa (which fortunately so far they proved almost all true) : Vans are the new black!!! They will be the next must! … (read more)


And then you find yourself immersed in your thoughts in the middle of a street, wearing a panama hat and a patterned shirt. For shoes I chose a pair of flatform sneakers with by Yurban that you can buy online on I wish you a wonderful day, a big kiss! P.S. I know you read my blog everyday and that you are my biggest fan, so happy birthday mom, I love you! … (read more)


  Goodmorning girls! How are you? Today I am showing you another outfit I wore during my short holiday at sea. As soon as I saw this maxi tee from H&M, my thoughts immediately has flew to America, in Los Angeles and in its magnificent places, which unfortunately I have not ever been to, but I hope to see as soon as possible. I have also worn the Yurban … (read more)


Hello girls! This spring and this summer do not seem to want to get there, and the bad weather does not leave us. Luckily the sun came out yesterday and we could enjoy a bit of good weather. Today I show you a sporty style outfit (you know by now that I love it!) that I wore a couple of days ago opting for a t-shirt that you have seen very similar here on the blog, do … (read more)