I bought these trousers from Zara a few months ago and I have worn them only once to the sea for a dinner out. I think they are really very particular and above all I love very much the shape and the pattern so elegant and so chic. Here I've matched them with a pair of high heels, but I'm really curious to mix them with canvas sneakers. In the coming days I … (read more)


To take refuge from the infernal heat of the past few days, I decided to spend a weekend at the beach with my boyfriend between sun and relaxation. What I wore during this short holiday? I opted for a simple and easy dress, strictly striped, which I have matched with a panama, a pair of sneakers with wedges and sunglasses with mirrored lenses. Per … (read more)


My jeans of when I was 14 ... now aged ... worn out on the knees that despite everything I still like so much more ... I just can not throw it away, especially for the many memories that come to mind every time I wear them.   Il mio jeans dei 14 anni ... ormai invecchiato ... logorato sulle ginocchia che nonostante tutto mi piace ancora tanto ... Non … (read more)


Finally among a few days I will leave for a week of sea, although I have to still finish off some chores, to study for the last exam of the summer session, and above all to complete the organization of the tour that I and Riccardo will do at the end of July in Holland: D I can't wait to go* _ * In all this I also want to carve out a space of time for the sales, … (read more)