A collection about the best of fall/winter 2010 PUMPS SHOES that I’ve choose from the best online shop sites. I wrote under every images the brand, the name of article (when I know) and the price in euro. Sometimes I wrote in pink my my opinions too! Wich are your prefer? I would like to have all this! ;-) P.S. Next saturday a collection of  ANKLE BOOTS … (read more)


I told ya I told ya I told ya Baby Baby Uh, uh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told ya, baby Uh-oh I told yaGot up in the club Posted in the back Feeling so good Looking so badRocking this skirt Rocking this club Got my middle finger up I don’t really give a f***Rocking these diamonds I’m rocking this chain … (read more)


These photos were taken in front of the garage of my house to my sister on Saturday afternoon, before going out with R. and our friends to eat a pizza and then to have a drink in a new pub.I opted for a look rather simple, mainly characterized by very low-riding black pants, combined with a black turtle neck pullover and a velvet jacket mud colored.I'm … (read more)


 Start a new week and with it goes also my new post! Yesterday before going out with my friends I took these photos with the outfit I was wearing ... simple, but elegant! The jeans were bought many years ago, when still in high school, I am very affectionate because they bring with them many fond memories of those days, carefree and full of fun. I wish you a good … (read more)