Three! No, in this case this is not the number of the love, but the rings that I wear in this outfit. Since that I had two identical, I decided to wear them together separating each with a different. I must say that the result isn't too bad! :) P.S. Looking these shots I smile a lot for two reasons: the scarf that I wear seems that is choking me and … (read more)


Hello to everyone my dearest readers! After a Sunday lunch spent with my family completely, couldn' t miss an afternoon with my dear friends: Camilla, AnnaChiara, Ezio, Marino! This week I'll be completely taken by the study for upcoming exams, so I think that I will lose the Milan Fashion Week... What a shame! :(The shirt that you see in this pictures is one of my … (read more)


This days are rainy and gloomy here in Tuscany... :(With the Hunter in the feet and an umbrella embellished with swarovski I created this simple but suitable outfit for rain! What do you think? Do you like it?xoxo :DSono giorni piovosi e uggiosi quà in Toscana... :(Con gli Hunter ai piedi e un ombrellino impreziosito da swarovski ho creato questo semplice outfit … (read more)


I was undecided until the last moment whether or not to load this post, the cause was the very dense fog that made the photos so "blurry". You should know that where I live, being a downstream, in winter the fog descends from 11 p.m. until 9 a.m… we are accustomed, but I assure you that it is not pleasant because the visual is so small and (mostly) for my hair! : S … (read more)