In these rainy days I can’t go out without my Hunter! I think that they are very comfortable and suitable for this season. I decided to combine the boots with a timeless classic: the half-season duvets Burberry mixed with my bag.P.S. I REMEMBER THAT AS SOON AS YOU’ LL 40 FOLLOWERS, THERE’ LL BE MY FIRST GIVEAWAY SPONSORED BY ONLINE SHOPPING STORE … (read more)


 Last week, Richard was the star of a photographic campaign for Spring/Summer 2011 for a catalog of hats. I decided to go with him; during the photo shoot was allowed me to take some pictures and then, during the break, I had the opportunity to make me some photos. As you can see I had lots of fun, I and R. laughed like a mad. Outside the weather was very hot … (read more)


La settimana della moda è ormai conclusa ed io ho come vi avevo detto ho deciso di preparare un “The Best Of” suddividendo le 6 giornate in 2 post, oggi vedremo le sfilate del 22, 23 e 24 Settembre. Ho scelto gli stilisti che più mi hanno colpito e che più mi appartengono in quanto a look. Fashion Week is over and as I promised you I prepared a "best of" shared in two … (read more)


This post it was an tribute of Riccardo. In fact he gave me 3 objects that you can see in this outfit: the earrings, the belt and the wedges with glitter. The skull errings with crown and swarovski were bought togheter in Riccione this summer when we were in holiday with my parents. Obviously when I saw them I gone crazy and I couldn't resist and so R. bought them for … (read more)