Here are the pics of a few days ago, when is came to see me, here near Florence, the lovely Erika of My Free Choice with her boyfriend. Together we spent a day of shopping at The Mall, ending then with a good dinner of Tuscan specialties, pappa al pomodoro, salumi di cinta senese and fiorentina ... What I wore for this day? A jacket in pied-de-poule orange … (read more)


  A Rinascimento canary yellow dress and animalier flats ... All worn in a hot, strange but nice day of October! Have a nice day guys :) Un vestito giallo canarino di Rinascimento e ballerine maculate... Il tutto indossato in una calda, strana, ma piacevole giornata di Ottobre! Buona giornata ragazzi :)   RINASCIMENTO DRESS  … (read more)


  One of the items I have taken from Rinascimento last September 5 it was just this dress with simple and soft lines, is not adorable ?!? I was particularly struck by its color; an orange so dark I thought that he would married well with my tanned skin and with my hair color … ... My wardrobe had definitely need a dress this color! ;) To complete the … (read more)