As I promised to you yesterday, here are some of my purchases I made in London. In order: - vanity case by Victoria' s Secret - bracelets, necklaces and earrings by Primark - gladiators and sunglasses by Primark - one bra and three pairs of panties by Victoria' s Secret Come promesso nel post di ieri, ecco alcuni dei miei acquisti che ho … (read more)


Hello girls, here I am with a new post in which I show you my second look worn in London for a long long morning walk in Hyde Park, before immersing myself in the shopping spree on Oxford Street area. ...While you're reading me I'm broken down again, this time for three days at sea with Riccardo (hope the weather is kind!)… can’ t wait!! P.S. Do not miss … (read more)


  Hello girls! Here I am back at the base, having spent four wonderful days in London. Four days of pure relaxation and super fun, including shopping spree, meals based on fish and chips and long walks in Hyde Park... I must admit, every time I fall in love... London is always more beautiful! In today's post I am showing you what I wore for a ride through the … (read more)


  I'm starting telling you that I left for London, with the hope of giving me a pair of Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120 mm. I finish by saying that, although I have visited (in the true sense of the word!) all over London looking for this shoes, I did not found them! So here are the photos of some of the purchases I made :D - Watches: Primark … (read more)