Whit the arrival of summer what's better than a pair of Converse?Plaid shirt with vest, belt and adolescence jeans that I will never throw away in my life! ;)Con l' arrivo della bella stagione cosa c' è di meglio di indossare un paio di Converse? Camicia a quadri con canotta, cintura in vita e il jeans dell' adolescenza che mai nella vita getterò! … (read more)


I was very skeptical at idea of wearing my new maxi cape, because being very very big I did not know how to fix it, but when I found the right combination with the big belt and Timberland, I thought that it was really great!To complete the outfit I wore my mother's bag that it perfectly matched with my shoes in similiar color.XOXOEro molto scettica all’ idea di … (read more)


Hello to everyone my dearest readers! After a Sunday lunch spent with my family completely, couldn' t miss an afternoon with my dear friends: Camilla, AnnaChiara, Ezio, Marino! This week I'll be completely taken by the study for upcoming exams, so I think that I will lose the Milan Fashion Week... What a shame! :(The shirt that you see in this pictures is one of my … (read more)