Good morning! Here are the pics of the outfit I wore Saturday afternoon for a walk around the shops just before going to dinner with my friend Irene and our boyfriends. Some of you will have certainly read of my faint during Saturday afternoon and many have asked me how I was. Well I'm fine, it was a slight drop in pressure, but it lasted short … (read more)


My new fuchsia sweater taken on Ella Tino. I 've combined it with a jacket with a structured shoulders, military green pants and simple black shoe. I hope you like it :D Have a good day girls!!! La mia nuova maglia rosa fucsia presa su Ella Tino. L' ho abbinata ad una giacca con spalline strutturate, pantalone color verde militare e … (read more)


Here are the latest bracelets arrived! They are very beautiful I can not wait to wear them a little at a time, but also all together ... as you know the saying "less is more" is not right in my case!!! : D Perfect for color and make rock my summer ... love them! If you also want to buy here is the site: www.kettlebelljewelsitaly.com Follow also … (read more)