My week spent on my Instagram profile. I remember you that you can find me as @elisataviti - YAY!! Done exam! - Beautiful Florence! - Luisa Via Roma’ s shop window. So cool! - Falling in love at Zara *__* - Choosing Saint Valentine’ gift for Riccardo - Valentino, you are always the best! - Pantone cup - Wanto to wear this combo … (read more)


  My week on my Instagram profile (@elisataviti): 1. First outfit of the week 2. Ready for the winterwith Tezenis and Calzedonia socks 3. Lindor. My favorite chocolates 4. Second outfit of the week 5. The biggest pack I've ever received 6. Borsalino box 7. Preview 8. Third outfit of the week: my Pinko total look 9. A new pair … (read more)


As will be many of you, from some time I am madly appassionate to Instagram. And so I decided to post some pictures of my profile that I update daily with images representing moments and instants of my life. If you want to follow me, you can find me as @elisataviti I take this opportunity to remind you also all my pages where you can follow all my … (read more)