Hello guys! After days spent with friends and family between long lunches, dinners and funny chats here I am with a new post! I have made these shots in Punta Ala, sunday just before going to dinner with Riccardo and some of our dear friends. For the occasion I wore my Zara beloved jacket, which thanks to its neutral color can easily be combined with any other color. … (read more)


Hello guys! : D I begin this week posting some pictures I took yesterday afternoon just before an happy hour with Ricardo.In these images you see me wearing one of my favorite shirts, in lace and in a very bright fuchsia that I matched with the color of lipstick and lipgloss. What do you think, do you like? Let me know! P.S. Can somebody of you recommend a good orange … (read more)


  A collection of long dresses perfect to wear for next season. The right combination? Gladiators, alternatively extremely high wedges, otherwise bare foot as you saw me wearing HERE, shoulder bag (straw or leather), big sunglasses, a Panama to protect from the sun and lots of jewelry in gyspy style! P.S. All the dresses are  purchased on-line on … (read more)


Finally after days of research I could find a pair of flare jeans although still I m not fully satisfied because I want the bell more wide. If you have any advice for me on where I can find them write me! This particular model is the Loyal of H&M! :) KissesFinalmente dopo giorni di ricerche sono riuscita a trovare un paio di jeans a zampa di elefante, anche … (read more)