While you're reading this post I'm on my way to Milan where I will spend the next four days for the fashion week. With me over my four looks, also my GHD hair straightener, my Candy by Prada perfume and some Chanel nailpolish.. Four days, four shoes, four outifts: a Chic-Bohemien style, a Denim-Rock style , a Sporty-Comics style and a Neon-Peplum style. I … (read more)


Finally the post that I promised you few days ago! Today I shows you how and what tools to use for styling my hair. I remind you that my hair has been bleached through a technique called Shatush, that I already told you HERE.  By the way very soon I will go to the hairdresser to do it again! ;) STRAIGHT HAIRTo straight my hair I use the GHD straightener, … (read more)