Today I want to talk you about the wonderful Kandee shoes, even though to call them shoes is a little reductive... I prefer to call creatures ;) I am madly in love! I do not know which is to be my favorite, I have really spoiled for choice! @__# If you want to buy them, can do it clicking HERE. Oggi voglio parlarvi  delle meravigliose scarpe di … (read more)


Good beginning week to all guys! I am still spending whole days on the books, even if yesterday I was able to carve out a small space of time to recreation, taking photos of my outfit and stay a bit with Riccardo.The spring temperatures allowed me to wear only the jacket of wool with chains without the help of the coat ... pity that after a short time is due … (read more)


A collection of my favorite shoes of the Cruise collections and Spring / Summer of next season. The pictures and the prices are directly taken from the site of the brand where you can also do online shopping. I remind you that for now in Italy there are only two store and they are, respectively, in Rome in Via Condotti and in Milan in Via Sant'Andrea. CURIOSITY:  … (read more)


"BECAUSE UGLY SHOES ARE A GLOBAL ISSUE"Do you want unusual shoes?? Do you want to be noticed?? Are you afraid to go unnoticed??SOLESTRUCK is the site for you!Here is an accurate collection of my favorite shoes, which you can purchased directly on the site.  The shipping is free for orders over $ 199.The prices quoted are in U.S. dollars, but at the end of … (read more)