It's dots mania! Whites and blacks dots in my t-shirt and red and white dots in my Comme des Garçons bag. To complete the look, a pair of leather pants and a jacket, left to go a little like this... I really love this look! E' dots mania! Dots bianchi e neri nella mia t-shirt e dots bianchi e rossi nella mia pochette Comme des Garçons. A completare il look, un … (read more)


It's time of the slip on. Slip on anywhere, slip on which will accompany me during fashion week, because they are comfortable and versatile, more than you think. Here I've matched with a pair of trousers, a custom t-shirt with a number, certainly not a random number, and a pastel pink blazer. E' la moda delle slip on. Slip on dovunque, slip on che … (read more)


  There are days when I don't want to dress me, put makeup on me, fix my hair and much more, especially when I have to pass the whole day on the books. In these cases, I take the first things I find in the closet and I wear them without thinking much: jumper, velvet jacket, boyfriend and sneakers. That's just one of those looks I use in my everyday life, when I … (read more)


Casual looks are always my favorite, not only because they are comfortable and versatile, but also because they fully reflect my style. In this outfit of today I'm wearing some of the must-haves items that every woman should have in her wardrobe: basic white tank top, boyfriend jeans and a blazer with a masculine edge, that I bought during the summer sale at Zara. … (read more)