During the weekend I finally used my new lens the 50mm f/1.4 and here are the first photos. What it is important for me? The easiness, because for me, always wins over all.When I do not have events or parties, I like to be comfortable and I like to wear trainers. These yellow are one of my favorites, I love the shape, they remind me a lot those of Valentino's.I … (read more)


The trench for excellence, Burberry's one. The real must that every woman should have in her wardrobe.Bello, of an unique elegance and timeless, a really evergreen item which you can wear at any age and at any occasion. Iconic and always perfect. I decided to match it with a white shirt and a red skirt. An outfit I really love and that is, perhaps, my … (read more)


  Among the must-have of this winter there will be definitely the neoprene. I bought this blouse a long time ago and I was never able to wear due to its particularity both in material and form. I finally gave in and I wore it, matching matching with a total black and leather items, which together are perfect. The cherry on top are the new Schutz sandals I had … (read more)


  Fake tees are always my favorites and this by My Brand is really one of the most original I've seen. To complete this look, even a skirt with polka dots, blacks pumps and a denim shirt tied at the waist, which is becoming a must among the fashion icons. Le t-shirt fake sono sempre le mie preferite e questa di My Brand è davvero la più originale tra … (read more)