During the weekend I finally used my new lens the 50mm f/1.4 and here are the first photos. What it is important for me? The easiness, because for me, always wins over all.When I do not have events or parties, I like to be comfortable and I like to wear trainers. These yellow are one of my favorites, I love the shape, they remind me a lot those of Valentino's.I … (read more)


First coat of the season worn with a white shirt, leather pants and raspberry sneakers. The temperature suddenly dropped a few degrees and I took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite coats. A simple and comfortable look I used for a shopping day, which has been really successful. Can' t wait to show you my latest purchase!Primo cappotto di stagione indossato con … (read more)


Yesterday: my H&M "New icons collection" perfecto, which I have searched all over London and then I found it in the store of Florence, a colorful sweatshirt, a black skirt and a pair of yellow sneakers by Playhat. I am waiting to hear your opinions, big kiss! Ieri: il mio nuovo perfecto facente parte della collezione "New icons … (read more)