Love is the energy of our lives, any type of love, and I  today I want to show you this thanks to the beautiful Mia Gioia creations that you can customize however you like. In a few days it will be Valentine's Day and I want to inform you of a promotion on the Mia Gioia site valid until 31/01. The perfect gift for your partner? The necklace engraved with … (read more)


  Hello guys! I write to you live from Lucca where I'll stay for a few days as a guest of Riccardo's cousins​​. I have already been other times in this beautiful city, but it is always a pleasure to return here. Regarding my outfit of today, here's one of my latest obsessions: to wear sneakers mixed with a refined outfit, just like you see in these … (read more)


  My new Oakley Frogskins sunglasses, with mirrored lenses! I wanted them by quite some time, and these Oakley sunglasses are really perfect. This particular model is Oakley Frogskins and it is avaiable in many colors and many shades. I opted for the black classic color with purple mirrored lens. What do you think? Soon you will see them worn … (read more)