Here I am again back home, ready for the tonight event at Barberino Designer Outlet where I will be involved as a special guest to follow the Music Summer Festival live. I returned yesterday from the sea, where I spent a couple of days in total relax with Riccardo. For a ride at the port I wore a gray dress matched with a two-tone belt and flatform sneakers. The only … (read more)


I did not think I'd wear this shirt Zara so soon! Saturday was really cold here near Florence, so I wore the new Zara military style jacket with applications, a Tally Weijl short skirt and a pair of blacks ankle boot. I miss too the'summer! :( Let me know what you think! A big hugNon pensavo che avrei utilizzato questa camicia di Zara … (read more)


Some photos of the outift with neon details worn for the sushi dinner of my 25 th birthday: D In these shots you can see my new hair color, dark blonde on the cutis with light blonde shatush at the tips. ... And considering my big passion for sushi I had to immortalize it and publish it also on the blog! ......... I get hungry just looking at it!!! : … (read more)