Here are some shots of the party to which I took part last Friday. As I told you in the yesterday' s post in fact, I attended to the opening of "Art in Ice: il Terzo Paradiso di Michelangelo Pistoletto e Cittadellarte and to the opening of the new boutique "Da Giuseppina 1941 Woman" where, from the amazing terrace on the first floor, we watched the show made ​​by the … (read more)


  What inspired me when I need an outfit?!? To all that surrounds me, from fashion magazines to the people I meet on the street, from television to the shop windows ... but also to them! : D Besides being good friends of mine, being a blogger,  being wonderful people with whom I spent unforgettable moments of  fun, they are a great source of … (read more)


One of the positive aspects of the blog is indeed know new people and make new friends, just like in my case. During fashion week I met in fact the lovely Erika, with which from the beginning was born a beautiful relationship :) Having said it, I want to tell you what happened to me when I was in Milan: I was with Riccardo at Spizzico, intent in order my good … (read more)