Here I am back home after an unforgettable summer. After I finished all the exams at university I done a break from studying for about a month before start writing the thesis. From Monday, I came back home and I have already start to work for the blog and the university ... I am strong like never before! :) In these days I went out looking for a new pc in view … (read more)

AF – 1

  The countdown to the end of the holidays has started and the sadness comes over me already. I want to stay here to infinity. It is possible?!? To mark the end of summer, as every year here in Punta Ala is celebrated the costume party on the beach, only that unlike all other years this summer will be the last one. After 13 years, the famous "Festa de La … (read more)


Goodmorning girls! As you have seen from my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages last Friday I was guest of La Vallée Village a few kilometers from Paris. La Vallée Village is part of the Chic Oultet Shopping group and counts 9 villages located close to most major European cities such as London, Dublin, Milan, Bologna, Antwerp, Monaco and Frankfurt. Thanks to the … (read more)


I believe in magic. I believe in fairy tales, in castles, princes and princesses. They were more than ten years since I returned to Disneyland Paris and I believed that returning here as an adult I would not have done the first time effect. Instead I was wrong. It was a unique emotion that left me really speechless. After spending the whole day between the rides … (read more)