A few days ago I went to Sephora and Riccardo gave me this beautiful gift: boar detangling brush. Sephora has created the new generation of innovative hairbrushes containing tourmaline, a substance which is renowned for its extraordinary ionic properties. Tourmaline emits high quantities of negative ions which penetrate deep into the hair shaft when you brush … (read more)


  A few days ago I was contacted to try and tested the new Glossy Box. Glossy Box is a service in subscription of only 14€ per month, which allows you to receive at home a little box with different types of products designed specifically for us girls. I found inside 3 Everline products dedicated to hair care, two Layla nailpolish and a lipstick. My … (read more)


          Recently, I received several requests from some readers asking me a post on my beauty routine. So, taking inspiration from various emails, I decided to reveal what are the products that typically I use for my makeup. In the morning I wash my face with cold water and after some risens I apply the Energizing Gel of the … (read more)