An hot sun that warms my skin and a strong wind that ruffles my hair. A look for every day, which changes depending on the choice of shoes: flats for the day, high for the evening. I wore it with my new Violavinca pumps, that color my outfit with one of the must colors for next season, the canary yellow!     Un sole caldo che mi scalda la pelle e un … (read more)


  These Stella McCartney boots is one of the best purchases I've ever done, but I wear them really very little. It will be, that due to their particularity, they have a really great impact, and this thing makes me feel a little embarrassed. I did an exception when I saw this Ginatricot dress which I loved it right away. I believe I will wear it again very soon, … (read more)


Since I came back from Stockholm, has not stopped raining even for a second. I took the opportunity to doing some important committees and I relaxed a bit, but after the second day, the rain had bored me. So today, some photos under the umbrella, with a look a improvised look. I wore the Zara Studio jacket, one of the many purchases I made to the sales, and the Dr. … (read more)


I have a real passion for pictures of the details. I really like them, more of the outfit itself. Watching these shots from my pc, I realized that the secret of this look was just in the smallest details, and so I chose to publish only those. A comfortable outfit, rock and a bit colorful ... which, it never hurts. Ho una vera passione per le foto dei dettagli. Mi … (read more)